Real Estate Advisory Services

Welcome to a premier platform where FVIS offers international standard real estate advisory services to our global database of clients. Our comprehensive offering covers the entire lifespan of a real estate project, and by combining our real estate expertise with the power of technology, we cater to the varied property needs of all our customers, while minimizing the risk factors of every project.

Our offering includes:

  • Site selection and feasibility studies for both Residential and Commercial property

  • Site Acquisitions

  • Advice and assistance when purchasing and selling either Residential or Commercial property

  • Help with the renting of Residential Properties

  • Assistance in Corporate Leasing

  • The administration involved in leasing, as well as restructuring contracts

  • Comprehensive property management services

  • Valuations of property to advise on a fair value

  • Early-stage negotiations

  • Representation of both landlords and tenants

  • Seeing to all legal formalities

  • Dealing with any property dispute matters

  • Providing financial aid for the entire project

By conducting extensive market research, we also perform feasibility studies for any upcoming land development projects, enabling us to provide insightful financial advice to our clients on whether a property is a worthwhile investment.

Let FVIS fulfill your real estate venture dreams with expert advice throughout the entire process. From pinpointing your operation area, acquiring your premises, providing funding options and sourcing clients – our highly-skilled team is ready to support your business from fledgling to flourishing!

You can also look forward to ongoing support through up to date news on all pertinent real estate related matters with the potential to add value to your property portfolio.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Our offering covers an extensive range of real estate advisory services to various types of clients: individuals, corporate clients, developers and investors.

We meet your individual financial needs through crafting a genuinely bespoke approach that perfectly suits your needs. After we’ve gained a thorough understanding of your property related needs, we compile an effective strategy that meets all your objectives.

Even local companies are hard-pressed to compete with the vast experience and knowledge of our real estate consultants. Our experts also provide ongoing real estate advice via our user-friendly online platform and have helped scores of real estate investors make the right decisions at precisely the right time.

Acquiring property, developing land and adequately maintaining a lucrative property portfolio requires you to invest large amounts of time and money.

By partnering with FVIS, the time-factor becomes obsolete as we manage the entire process for you. Our success hinges on suggesting strategic advice to our clients, at the most opportune time – letting you reap the maximum benefits from your property investments.

Even the most complex real estate challenges are well-managed by our expert team as they confidently derive the most appropriate solution in every situation.

Our multi-prong service approach sets us apart from our competitors, and we pride ourselves on pinpointing the most lucrative real estate investments, creating maximum value and minimizing all elements of potential risk.

Focused Approach

Our success is based on providing our undivided attention to every customer.

When clients invest through FVIS, they can expect a professional experience while awaiting their expertly crafted, highly-profitable solutions, tailor-made to suit their specific needs.

FVIS appoints a dedicated property expert to your portfolio, that will work relentlessly in achieving all your property investment objectives. With such undivided focus, you’re assured of incredible results.

Contact FVIS and embark on the exciting journey of building your own lucrative property portfolio.