financial Investment Services

Our comprehensive and bespoke financial investment solutions have firmly placed us as one of the leading investment management firms in Hong Kong. Whether an individual, company, large organization or charitable trust, FVIS smooths the path to not just meeting but exceeding your financial goals. By investing time into evaluating each client’s appetite for risk, our experienced team crafts tailor-made financial and investment solutions that is the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Our Service Spectrum

FVIS understands that each client’s investment requirements are unique. Some clients need funding to start-up a new business, while others require more capital to expand their current business. Other more aggressive investors require access to invest large amounts of money in derivative instruments that promise wealth in the long run.

We’ve adapted our financial investment advisory services into three categories to satisfy our client’s bespoke requirements:

Direct Investment

Whether you need funding for a new technology startup or financial support for an ongoing project, our comprehensive financial support services are sure to help realize your vision.

Our financial support covers a wide variety of options, stretching much further than just providing a loan. Through utilizing extensive industry experience, we’re able to analyze your individual needs and suggest the perfect solution to fit your exact criteria.

We understand the complexities associated with any project – and will make sure that sufficient funds aren’t one of the challenges.

Joint Venture

If you require more than just pure financial support, our Joint Venture program could be the answer to guaranteeing the success of your project.

Suitable projects qualify for equity contributions, but equally important, they enjoy the advantage of leveraging our vast business expertise and industry knowledge.

Through the Joint Venture program, FVIS ensures the survival of projects that have the potential of transforming the economy – by supporting innovative entrepreneurs on every possible level.

Financial Instruments

Our financial instrument services cater to all requirements by covering both cash/asset-backed and derivative instruments.

The value of cash or asset-backed financial instruments is in direct proportion to the supporting collateral which could take various forms: deposits, loans or easily transferable securities – any transaction where both the lender and borrower agree on the transfer.

Derivative instruments derive their value from the properties, and the equivalent value of one, or more entities in the form of index or interest rates or assets, that could either be over the counter derivatives, or exchange-traded derivatives.

Financial Instruments

By combining our investment advisory services with the management (monitoring and re-balancing) of your existing portfolio, you can rest assured that you’re enjoying maximum profits.

Regardless of the service that you sign up for, our expert financial investment advisors offer complimentary support – 24/7.


Initial Meeting with Customer

We extend an invitation to all our new clients to join us at our offices and have a personal discussion about their financial needs. This hands-on approach allows us a thorough overview of your existing investment portfolio, in a warm, personable and secure environment.

Investment Advice

Depending on your specific requirements, our expert investment advisories devise a tailor-made investment portfolio to perfectly suit your needs. Whether investing in stocks, financing a project, funding your Joint Venture business firm or compiling and fine-tuning an investment strategy, FVIS is ready to see to your every need.

Follow-up Meeting with Clients

Part of our comprehensive service entails a 2-3 month follow-up meeting in our offices, where we discuss the progress of your entire investment portfolio. By incorporating your suggestions, we make any necessary amendments to optimize your returns.

We pride ourselves on creating a fully transparent process where all our clients enjoy full disclosure on their investment portfolio. By adopting this forthcoming attitude, we’ve maintained lasting relationships with all our clients by earning their loyalty and translating it into high-quality referrals.

The Benefits of Choosing FVIS Financial Investment Solutions:

Real Value for Money :

Our service is tailored to satisfy your individual needs. Whether you’re in search of start-up capital for your Joint Venture or looking to invest in derivative instruments, FVIS’s expert team is on hand to guide and support you every single step of the way.

Professional Assistance 24/7:

Our in-house team of investment managers, traders, financial analysts and risk managers boast over 30 years of experience across the entire financial industry. This highly-skilled team are experts at analyzing your specific situation and crafting a tailor-made financial investment strategy that embraces the creation of long-term wealth.

Counless Investment Options:

Unsure of which direction to take and how to invest your hard-earned money? Let FVIS use their expertise to guide you through our large selection of investment options to create your bespoke investment portfolio.

Cost-effective, quality services:

Although many companies in Kuala Lumpur offer investment management, not all firms offer quality services at a cost-effective price. At FVIS, we pride ourselves on charging nominal fees in exchange for access to our highly-professional and results-driven investment advisories.

No need to look any further for the team that will provide you with the best financial investment solution.