Project Details

Real Estates

The Project Objectives
1. What is Property Development
Property development entails a process of acquiring a property, making changes/improvements to it and finally selling the property for an amount higher than the total cost of construction.
Every development varies in size, and the type of activities needed to effect improvements. The options are endless and offer the opportunity to purchase a piece of land to be subsequently subdivided into several separate units that can then be sold individually. You also have the option to purchase one part of the land, constructing a residential home thereon and then reselling for a profit.
Returns from Property Development
When involved in developing a property, you need to factor in the length of time from the initial investment until the much later return on your investment. It is essential to properly manage your cash flow to account for the inherent irregular costs that are incurred during the onset of the property’s development, until such time that income is received from the sale of the property.
If you opt not to sell the developed property, you could enjoy handsome monthly income from the rental payments received from your tenants.
When you partner with FVIS, your investment can already generate returns at an early stage. A subject we will cover in more detail at a later stage of this plan. 
Project Objectives
We aim to achieve the following objectives from this project: 

  • Subdividing and developing the land located in Dallas, USA. Where after the individual units will be sold off as affordable housing.
  • Providing satisfactory returns for all investors concerned, with a total return in capital after 5 years.

The Project Summary
This project undertakes the development of affordable housing in Dallas Fort Worth, USA. Taking the national or local government’s housing affordability index, this housing project is targeted to be accessible to a household with a median income.
Many pieces of land, within the existing land’s vicinity, became available for residential development. Most of the land is situated within 15 to 20 minutes drive from Dallas Fort Worth and only 30 minutes from the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. The map below provides the outlines that indicate how close the land is located to various key points within Dallas Forth Worth.