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First Vibrant Integrated Services boasts a supreme team of highly-skilled individuals with immense experience across the entire financial industry – and beyond!

Frederic J. Miscoe II founded the FVIS group with the main aim of providing premium services to a global community in project financing, real estate consulting, commodity trading and financial investment in Malaysia.

Our exceptional consulting, financing and trading services are built on a solid foundation of integrity and superior corporate governance, supported by a focused approached and unfailing drive to always exceed our clients’ expectations.


Our bespoke service provides financial investment advice, tailored to your individual requirements and offering investment solutions to perfectly suit all your needs. Our dedicated team invests considerable time into analyzing all the variables – including risk and return levels – that could potentially influence any given financial solution. This enables us to craft a robust financial solution, primed to deliver exceptional outcomes.

This stead-fast approach allows us to continually provide profitable solutions for all parties concerned.

Our Proven Investment Services in Malaysia to the Global Community

Our comprehensive offering of investment solutions comprise:

Our support is available to anyone that significantly contributes to the development of their country whether you are an individual, company or large scale organization. We cater to any substantial industry – from banking to tourism, hospitality and entertainment.

With multiple branches in over 9 countries, the FVIS group has become synonymous with the word ‘successful’. Top brands and trustworthy companies choose FVIS as their trusted partner – joining us in curating personalized portfolios that cover all aspects of our clients’ project financing needs.

Through these partnerships, we’ve already made billions of dollars available to our clients, in the form of either equity or loans. To enable FVIS to offer time-bound, highly-profitable solutions to our sought-after client base, we’ve fostered close associations with various reputable role-players in the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Agriculture

  • Banking & Finance

  • Real Estates & Construction

  • Green Energy & Power Plants

  • Human Resources (HR) & Manpower

Our Mission

  • Offer up to date investment advice

  • Develop tailor-made investment portfolios

  • Dedicated, focused and personalized service

  • Provide a broad selection of investment solutions

  • Minimizing client risks while maximizing their returns

  • Offer transparent solutions that promote trust and respect

  • Empower entrepreneurs to seize transformational opportunities

  • Ensure lucrative partner portfolios with constant monitoring and maintenance


Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)

Certificate of Achievement

Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF)

Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF)

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)



Minimum risk:
Our superior skills minimize risk while maximizing profits

Personalized Investment Plans:
Tailor-made investment portfolios to suit your individual needs

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Guaranteed returns on your financial investments

Proficient Professionals:
30 Years’ experience across the entire financial industry

Global Access:
We provide investment and trading opportunities spanning the entire globe

Power in Numbers:
We are the world’s largest investment company

About Us


We provide value and guidance for clients in all kinds of financial activities, delivering the returns that help our clients achieve their goals. We specialize in Oil and Gas commodity trading along with precious metals, in particular Gold trading, offering both our deep knowledge of the markets and attention to detail of daily market conditions to deliver exceptional results for all our clients. Whether operating on futures m... 


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We are available round the clock to provide support and guidance to our valuable members as well as new enquiring members.  

Free Legal Consultation

Our highly-trained and experienced legal team is on hand to provide a free consultancy service, to address and solve any legal issues that might surface. Their in-depth knowledge spans across various industries and economies that enable them to provide the perfect strategy, with actionable advice that secures excellent outcomes.

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