With a highly skilled team that offers vast experience across the financial industry and beyond, we provide tailored financial investment advice designed to provide each client with the investment solution that fits their needs perfectly. From risk levels to return levels, we take the time to understand our 
client’s needs and expectations and create the perfect financial solution to deliver the required outcomes.

Founded by Frederic J. Miscoe II, First Vibrant Integrated Services is a company set up to provide value-added project financing, real estate consulting, commodity trading and financial investment solutions to our worldwide clients. We strive to offer exceptional consulting, financing and trading services via maintaining good corporate governance and meeting clients’ requirements. With a focused approach and complete integrity, we deliver solutions that make every deal profitable not only for us but for our clients as well.


Our project financing, trading and financial investment solutions are available for companies, large scale organizations and individuals contributing significantly in the development of any industry – be it entertainment, hospitality, tourism or banking.

FVIS group operates successfully in over 9 countries with multiple branches in each country. We have partnered with most trustworthy names in the industries for fulfilling varied project financing requirements of clients. These companies have already issued billions of dollars in the form of loans and equity to various clients. Similarly, we are associated with reputed players of bank and financial sectors, oil, gas and energy sector and real estate sector to offer time bound and profitable solutions to our coveted client base.

Our Mission

  • Delivering project financing, consulting and tradition solutions in accordance with professional standards and statutory policies.

  • We envisage developing winning strategies that prove beneficial for our clients as well as for our business.

  • All services offered with complete dedication and engaging only in legal and ethical practices.


Why Us?

We have the Tools:
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We are a professional team with certified financial market research analysts.

Our investment offerings provide some of the best returns in the industry.

We guarantee financial investment(s) to satisfy our valuable clients.

Our team comes with many years of combined industry exposure.

Our 24/7 support makes sure you are always connected with right person.

About Us


We provide value and guidance for clients in all kinds of financial activities, delivering the returns that help our clients achieve their goals. We specialize in Oil and Gas commodity trading along with precious metals, in particular Gold trading, offering both our deep knowledge of the markets and attention to detail of daily market conditions to deliver exceptional results for all our clients. Whether operating on futures m... 


Support 24/7

The FVIS team are available 24/ 7 to support and guide you through the necessary steps and redirects you to the right 
department tailored for each service. 

A Soluation For Every Legal Problem

Our in-depth knowledge provided by our highly trained, experienced legal team can offer real, actionable advice for any situation. We provide a free consultancy to discuss your problem and from there create a strategy and approach that will deliver the desired outcomes for any situation

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