We provide value and guidance for clients in all kinds of financial activities, delivering the returns that help our clients achieve their goals.We specialize in Oil and Gas commodity trading along with precious metals, in particular, Gold trading,offering both our in-depth knowledge of the markets and attention to detail of daily market conditionsto deliver exceptional results for all our clients. Whether operating on futures markets or trading in physical commodities, our ability to identify and exploit profit opportunity for clients is second to none,providing sustainable results using a variety of trading instruments. In addition to commodity trading,we also specialize in different investments including;

-Aviation Finance,
-Angel Investment
-Solar Energy/ Power Plan
-Affordable Housing
-Zero Risk Investment Plan

Moreover, other opportunities we identify throughout our network of contacts across all industries. The FVIS Private Equity Crowd Fund was created for ordinary members of FVIS, to participate in a crowd based private equity funding to provide financial support for the various medium support projects undertaken by FVIS. The purpose of the Investment Policy Statement is to establish guidelines and creating a clear mission statement to existing and potential members of the fund’s investment portfolio.The report also incorporates accountability standards that will be used for monitoring the progress of the Portfolio’s investment program and to evaluate the contributions of the manager(s) hired on behalf of the fund and its beneficiaries.


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