Real Estate Advisory Services

With extensive experience in every aspect of real estate development and management, covering everything from planning to completion and tenant management, we are your one-stop solution for any real estate project you may be considering.

Blending cutting edge technology and extensive industry insight and understanding, we can provide guidance and support for clients, maximizing the potential of each project while carefully minimizing risks.

Our real estate consultancy services include:

  • Site selection and feasibility studies for both Residential and Commercial property

  • Site Acquisitions

  • Advice and assistance when purchasing and selling either Residential or Commercial property

  • Help with the renting of Residential Properties

  • Assistance in Corporate Leasing

  • The administration involved in leasing, as well as restructuring contracts

  • Comprehensive property management services

  • Valuations of property to advise on a fair value

  • Early-stage negotiations

  • Representation of both landlords and tenants

  • Seeing to all legal formalities

  • Dealing with any property dispute matters

  • Providing financial aid for the entire project

We can also carry out extensive feasibility studies for any proposed project, giving us the essential data to help you make informed decisions regarding your real estate portfolio.

With our team working alongside you, your real estate investments are never made alone. Through our data and insights, you can make choices with confidence, knowing you have a clear understanding of the project, its potential and its risks.

Why Choose FVIS?

We cover every aspect of real estate to aid each client in achieving any goal. Whether you are an individual investor, corporate client or developer, we help you navigate the challenges of any project, providing guidance and insight that powers accurate and informed decision making.

We understand that each client, and each project, are unique, and require a tailored solution to meet those unique needs. Our team will work with you to build solutions to achieve any goal and assure project success.

Our flexible approach allows you to be as hands on as you wish. We can manage the whole end-to-end process for you if you wish, freeing up your time to focus on other projects, safe int the knowledge that our experts are looking after your interests with diligence.

Our unmatched blend of industry experience committed experts and flexible approach ensure that whatever the project, we can offer the very best solution possible for you.

Client First – Every Time

Our success is built on providing our undivided attention to every customer.

As a client of FVIS, you can expect a professional experience of a partner committed to your project, and your success. We work with transparency and diligence to deliver exceptional standards in everything we do for you.

FVIS appoints a dedicated property expert to your portfolio, who will work relentlessly in achieving all your property investment objectives. With such undivided focus, you can always have confidence your future is in safe hands.

Talk to our team today to see how we can help you achieve any financial objective through real estate.