Supply Management Services

Logistics and Supply management

No matter the industry or market you operate in today, competition is fierce. Growing your business means building efficient and effective supply lines both within Malaysia and internationally. We bring extensive industry experience and combine that with the latest in logistics technology to achieve cost effective, reliable and robust supply chains to support your business.

Through our supply management solutions, you can maximize profits by minimizing shipping costs and improve customer satisfaction through improved logistics performance. Leveraging our international presence, we combine our global expertise with our local market knowledge to provide you with the most innovative solutions to optimize your existing supply chain services.

Our comprehensive offering of logistics and supply management services cover every aspect of the process, including:

  • Optimizing your network reach

  • Accurate forecasting and proper planning

  • Management of your entire logistics operation

  • Managing all aspects of supply chain data

  • Managing and optimizing warehouse processes

  • In-depth research and planning to optimize transportation

Why Choose FVIS?

With extensive industry experience, an expert team and a client focused approach that delivers the refined, tailored solutions to suit every need and budget, we offer the highest standards of logistics support for your business.

Our process is designed to quickly identify your needs and objectives and develop cost-effective, actionable plans for your logistics needs, swiftly integrating our solution into your business processes.

This is accomplished in four stages:

  • Exploratory meeting - During the first meeting, we flesh out your expectations to get a clear idea of your needs, and the type of services you require.

  • Preparation and planning - According to your requirements and guidance, we apply accurate forecasting methods to curate a detailed strategy that caters for both medium and large inventory.

  • Networking benefits – Our extensive database provides direct access to business owners – allowing us to reduce your overall procurement operational costs.

  • Optimizing delivery -By employing the latest technologies, using the shortest possible routes and tracking each vehicle in our fleet, we drastically reduce your transportation costs.

Innovative Solutions that Transform your Business

Our client first approach and tailored solutions provide the space for innovation that can transform your business logistics and open up new opportunities. We develop budget-friendly supply solutions that embrace the latest technology to maximize performance and efficiency while controlling costs, reducing wastage throughout your supply chain.

Our team create streamlined and fully managed solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into existing processes, leveraging our insight and global reach to deliver highly efficient and robust performance.

Talk to our expert team today about your supply chain and logistics process in Malaysia to see how we can help you deliver increased performance and reliability, lower costs and simpler management to transform your business, whatever it may be.