Needing aviation investment for a new business launch had left us struggling to find appropriate finance. We contacted FVIS who have a successful record in aviation financing, and they were able to offer a solution that provided benefit to both ourselves and the investors.

Anna Johnson Diamond Member

  Trying to get a new project off the ground, the sticking point was funding. However, FVIS put together a package that suited all involved. They delivered quickly, and the whole process was stress-free after which I received an acceptance letter to join the FVIS growing network. Though I was skeptical at first. At the long run, joining the FVIS Family paid off big time.

Max Turner Gold Member

I have been an investor with FVIS since November 2017. Since working with the team at FVIS, they have met and surpassed my expectations of working with financial advisors. The team take the time to really know their clients which gives me every confidence that not just my financial goals are well understood but also my comfort level. I have referred at least 5 of my family and friends to FVIS to their Monthly Income Schemes. As a surprise bonus unbeknown to me, I am in with a chance to win a Range Rover Sport 2017 V8 Experience Absolute Fidelity. Wow. I am so excited.

Paul Marrow Silver Member

“I am absolutely delighted with your service. Your professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect and I have already recommended your services to my friends who have also invested in FVIS Fixed Monthly Income Investment Scheme. My friends, like myself, are now reaping the rewards which we should have been achieving many years ago. Apart from the monthly rewards, I have an opportunity to win a Range Rover Sport 2017 V8 Experience Absolute Fidelity. Thank you FVIS for your caring and professional attitude plus the opportunity to win the car.

Brain Graham Diamond Member

Never ever, ever, since I have been with FVIS, have I ever gone to bed worrying about money. Your Fixed Monthly Income scheme is what I have been searching for a long time but with no success. I am receiving 5% per month on my investment. I have referred many of my business colleagues to FVIS and they have taken up the Fixed Monthly Scheme and they are all impressed with the monthly returns and the team. You take care of my financial affairs fully – thank you!

Mitchell Youcef Gold Member

We had land lying idle for many years ,we had no idea what to do with it until one of our business colleagues advised us that we could actually generate income from it. He introduced us to FVIS family wbo have a good track record in Real Estate Financing and we presented our case to them. FVIS consultants assessed our land and recommended that we develop the land subdivide it and construct Affordable houses for resale. All that was acceptable to us but we had no means to finance the project and that was when FVIS Investment team offered us an Investment Plan called Affordable Housing Investment Plan and our project was funded and that benefited both ourselves and the investors and as we speak the project is ongoing. FVIS family offers a full package from consultancy to Funding. Thank you again FVIS family you are the best.

Lee Chong Silver Member

We have been looking for projects to invest in that will bring good returns to our investment and we connected with FVIS through their website. We were referred to the FVIS consultants who left us convinced that our investment was in safe hands. After making thorough assessments of the projects in their database they offered us an Investment plan,Affordable Housing Plan which we invested in and is bringing us real returns. FVIS are real professionals and investing in their projects gives you peace of mind.

MEI YU CHEN Bronze Member

Finding Investors for my construction project without collateral has been a nightmare and I approached FVIS family for expert advice and assistance. I submitted my application for funding and within a short space of time FVIS project managers did inspection and evaluation of my project and in no time my project was funded through their Construction Investment Plan and my project is near completion now Do not delay your project or kill your dream approach FVIS family they will bring your project to life as they did for me.

MOHAMMAS AZIZ Diamond Member

Our construction business had collapsed due to inadequate funding and we had lost all our contracts and that was when one of our clients asked us if we had ever heard of FVIS and we said no. He introduced us to the FVIS Consultants and we presented our case and they gave us hope. FVIS offered us a full package of Construction Investment Plan that is consultancy,funding and project management and our business was revived. We have even secured more contracts. Thank you FVIS for having our business interests at heart.


I have always wanted to start a Day Care centre but finding Capital funding proved impossible as I could not meet the requirements for accessing a loan from the bank and no one seemed interested in my business. I started doing a buying and selling small business and managed to raise a reasonable amount but was not enough to start my business. I approached one businessman in our area for a loan and he said he was not into lending but Said you know what let me give you advise and you will never borrow in your life . He said he was what he was all because of one Investment company who came to his financial rescue when his business had failed to take off and introduced me to the FVIS family. I enquired about their investment plans and they gave me a list of different investment plans and I chose the Human Resources Investment Plan for my preferred industry. We agreed on the investments returns and I invested and only after 2years I had raised enough and started the Day Care Centre,i managed to buy equipment and furniture and right now the centre is operational and is rated the best in the area with the best equipment and furniture. I did not stop the Investment and I will be opening a second one from the Investment returns in the next 2months. Thank you FVIS for making my dream come true and raising champions in business. Indeed I will never borrow again. I advise anyone in need of capital to meet the FVIS family they have every plan tailor made for you.

CHEN TAN Silver Member

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